Inspirational Women Surfers

Inspirational Women Surfers


In a surfing scenario still quite dominated by men, year after year I see more girls in the line-up and the surfing level of women, in general, is getting really high!

Having girls in the water is a game-changer. It changes the whole session mood: more smiles and more respect for everyone!

Many times I have found myself as the only girl in the line-up with a bunch of guys (the majority of whom ripping) fighting to catch a few waves, doubting about my level or asking myself why I was the only girl there.

Well, as soon as I see another female face in the water, smiling at me and cheering me up, the whole session becomes funnier, I gain more confidence and catch more waves!

And of course, I love to watch videos of women surfing and get inspired by them! Here are my personal favourites: each of them has something special and inspire me in different ways.

Stephanie Gilmore – pure style

The way she flows is unique. Stephanie is probably the most elegant surfer you are gonna see out there. No matter if she is charging a big barrel or playing with her twin fin on a knee-high wave, her flow is incredibly clean, her style is supreme and she is the real shred queen. 

Watching her surfing just make you wanna grab the board and have fun in the water. She is always smiling and enjoying the ride as much as she can. 

7x World Surfing Champion, these achievements are just the demonstration of her undiscussed talent.

Laura Enever – the charger

Laura is a badass chick. With a great sense of humour and love for life, her surfing is all about adventures and challenges. She pushes her limits where many guys do not and she is truly inspiring.

Famous for her fearless big waves surfing, her latest documentary Undone shows the ride of some of the gnarliest and most dangerous waves in remote Australia.

She is definitely not a faint of heart and she is really empowering women to push their limits and boundaries for thrill and adrenaline.

Carissa Moore – perfect technique

When someone says there are still differences in surfing between men and women I just bring Carissa as a perfect example that it’s not like that.

Last October I was in the water with her at Honolua Bay (she probably won’t remember hahaha). She was charging at the Cave, always with a smile on her face and she really looks like a super nice kind-hearted person. Pure positive vibes!

Her surfing technique is absolute perfection. If you pay attention to the details of her manoeuvres performance you barely find flaws, her style is smooth and her wave reading impeccable. 

Bethany Hamilton – the warrior

Survivor of a shark attack at the young age of 13 yr, Bethany made her dream of becoming a pro surfer come true no matter what.

Even without her left arm, her surfing is amazing, she charges big waves and she is one of the strongest person and athlete ever. She knows what she is doing out there and she even surfed Pipeline while pregnant!

Nothing could limit her on her goals and purposes and she has become a true inspiration for many people and an example of resilience, strength of will and mental power. 

Sally Fitzgibbons – health and fitness queen

Altruistic and energetic, Sally reminds everyone of the importance of effective training behind great performances. She is strong, fit and powerful in the water.

Sporty since early ages, she ran to gold medals in the 800m and 1500m at the Youth Olympics in 2007 and then became a professional surfer in the WSL.

She is an inspiration not only between the surfing community but also all the whole Australian people. She shares her knowledge about health through targeted fitness programs, cooking recipes and healthy lifestyle tips.

Would you like to join us on a girls-only surf trip?

Bali playing cards to Fight the plastic problem

Bali playing cards to Fight the plastic problem

Bali Playing cards to fight the plastic problem

As most people know, Indonesia still has a huge problem with plastic pollution. Almost half of Indonesia’s trash ends up in the ocean. While first world countries send their garbage to Indonesia. ⁠
This is not a problem of surfers or tourists only, nor is it a problem of Indonesia. It’s a massive disaster that impacts all of us and that needs awareness and immediate action!

In order to support the “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” campaign, which is an established NGO that is already deeply involved into the topic for years, German illustrator Claudie Linke has decided to create and sell playing cards based around the theme of Bali (Surf, People, Culture, Lifestyle, Music etc). The key idea is to multiply the donation into much more in the long run – by creating something of more value, facilitated through the transformative magic of arts. The sales of these playing cards will turn into an easy, steady, long term support for “Bye Bye Plastic Bags”. 

How can you support the project?

Once Claudie can afford production, she would sell those decks via her online shop. She can ship to 63 countries worldwide. Plus, she already has some of the best local surf shops onboard (gonna be a nice, timeless Bali souvenir)! Each sale supports the “Bye Bye Plastic Bags” Campaign directly.

Your benefit?

Most importantly, you back up an amazing organization – Bye Bye Plastic Bags. And even more, everyone who supports this campaign with an amount >50 EUR, will be sent a playing card deck (worldwide shipping). In case, this campaign is not gonna be successful, your funds will be forwarded straight to the NGO. No risk!


Claudie just started drawing that deck, so she will document the ongoing creation progress on her website and her Instagram page.


So please stay tuned &  join her on the ride!

Every little donation counts to kick off this idea.

The two sisters, Melati (17) and Isabel (15) Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags at the ages of 10 and 12, after being inspired by a lesson in school about significant people, like Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana, and Mahatma Ghandi. The sisters returned home that day and asked themselves, ‘What can we do as children living in Bali, NOW, to make a difference?’ Bye Bye Plastic Bags was born in 2013 and has now grown into a well known international movement of inspiration, youth empowerment, and of course, saying NO to plastic bags. Their vision is a world free of plastic bags. Their mission is to empower people to do what is right through education, campaigns, and political meetings.

These two sisters are awesome – they just do and then they think further: For example, they now also teach kids on Bali how to fish trash out of the rivers with recycled tools in order to prevent ocean pollution (imagine – surf is a truly gnarly adventure in rainy season in Bali, it literally makes you sick). They also look into how to reduce waste in general. I really admire them, they did already proof big time that it is possible to spark a big change around here. Inspiring, so let’s fund them!

Why say NO to single-use plastic

Why say NO to single-use plastic

Why say NO to single-use plastic

Too many times I have heard “It’s just one straw”. If each of the 7.7 Billion persons living on our planet would think like this we would end up surrounded by plastic. It’s time to make a change before it gets too late!

With islands made entirely of plastic and other trash, we are going towards massive planet devastation. The eco-disaster that we face day after day has brought many people to change their habits towards a more eco-conscious living. This requires a bit of effort and small changes in our daily routines, but the reward would be so high that each of us should feel a superhero!

And as a friend of mine told me when I start my first moves toward zero waste living, it’s not about being perfect, but about making small steps day by day and try to improve what is within in our power. I am still a long way away from being completely sustainable, I still have bad habits which need to be changed, but I ask people for tips, suggestions and help and I start feeling the change!


Avoid single-use plastic!

A good start towards change can be made avoiding single-use plastic. Some countries have already banned them but I think that a personal choice can be even more powerful.

Are you heading to the supermarket for the weekly shopping? Bring with you a reusable bag!

Many cafes and bars have started to serve drinks with a paper straw or a bamboo or steel one! But not always and not everywhere is like that. Why not bringing along your personal straw?


Bottles, bottles, bottles!


How many plastic bottles got consumed every day! Having your own bottle would make you save money (you can refill wherever you want) and save our planet at the same time!