Morocco: the land of the right-hand point breaks

Traditions and modernity perfectly mix in this incredible country famous for its perfect long right-hand point breaks, where teas and flavours spice up your days!

As you soon as I get off the plane in Agadir I can smell Africa. The perfume of the spices fills up the air and the desert gets in my lungs and in my heart. I am driving along the coast to get to the surf town of Taghazout. I can see from my window the perfect lines coming from the open ocean to meet up with the rocky coastline creating those perfect right-handers this area is famous for.

I have been to this place in many occasions, but I am always stoked of how many different experiences I get every time I am here. This is actually my first trip during the peak of the winter swell season. The forecast looks good and the froth is high. I spend my last years dreaming about surfing these waves and still can’t believe I have finally made it! Luckily I brought my step-up surfboard along and now I just need to get into the mind-set of “being ready to charge”!