Why say NO to single-use plastic

Too many times I have heard “It’s just one straw”. If each of the 7.7 Billion persons living on our planet would think like this we would end up surrounded by plastic. It’s time to make a change before it gets too late!

With islands made entirely of plastic and other trash, we are going towards massive planet devastation. The eco-disaster that we face day after day has brought many people to change their habits towards a more eco-conscious living. This requires a bit of effort and small changes in our daily routines, but the reward would be so high that each of us should feel a superhero!

And as a friend of mine told me when I start my first moves toward zero waste living, it’s not about being perfect, but about making small steps day by day and try to improve what is within in our power. I am still a long way away from being completely sustainable, I still have bad habits which need to be changed, but I ask people for tips, suggestions and help and I start feeling the change!


Avoid single-use plastic!

A good start towards change can be made avoiding single-use plastic. Some countries have already banned them but I think that a personal choice can be even more powerful.

Are you heading to the supermarket for the weekly shopping? Bring with you a reusable bag!

Many cafes and bars have started to serve drinks with a paper straw or a bamboo or steel one! But not always and not everywhere is like that. Why not bringing along your personal straw?


Bottles, bottles, bottles!


How many plastic bottles got consumed every day! Having your own bottle would make you save money (you can refill wherever you want) and save our planet at the same time!

Zero Waste Shops

Every day we are making choices when it comes to purchasing new products. Buy stuff from companies that recycle is always a good idea when it comes to new items!

Alternatively, my recommendation is going shopping in Zero Waste shops which are getting more and more popular and offer plastic-free living solutions and eco-friendly alternatives for food and non-food products!

The products they sell are earth and ocean-friendly, all-natural, sustainably sourced, palm oil-free, cruelty-free, and of course zero waste!

You can bring your own containers and refill them with the products you like. Often in these shops, you can find also the ingredients to make your own products, like shampoo, body lotion, toothpaste, detergent and more!

A plastic wave

While doing some online researches I came across this documentary on plastic pollution. This short film aims to raise awareness around the issues of ocean plastic pollution and encourage people to think differently about their usage of single-use plastics.

A surf photographer, business owner and father of two is seeing more and more plastic wash ashore his beloved home beach. In a bid to discover the route of this problem he embarks on a journey of discovery to educate himself and understand more about the problem. Along the way, he discovers some alarming issues.

Plastic Pollution is a very real threat to the future of our planet, the animals that inhabit our oceans and ultimately the human race. The problem is far worse than it seems on the surface and we need to act now to ensure we protect the future for ourselves and our planet.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

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