Save jaws: swimming with sharks in hawaii

Swimming with sharks in North Shore Oahu: a great experience to raise awareness about the fact that sharks are not monsters but apex predators.

The sun was rising over the range of the North Shore and my heart was beating fast when we left the harbour in Haleiwa. “Am I crazy?” I thought. I was going to free diving with sharks. What does this mean? No cage, open ocean, wild sharks. Which type of sharks? Well, it depends on which ones show up. Can be Sandbar, Galapagos, Tiger or even Great White. It’s pure wilderness and so, unpredictable.

When we arrived miles away from shore and we stop the boat engine, several Galapagos and Sandbar sharks surrounded us. We located in a deep channel when the sharks use to rest after the dawn hunting action. They were so elegant and all the fear was suddenly replaced by pure charm for these creatures and a grea