Survival Apnea

Gain self-awareness and self-control training your breath-holding skills on a journey specifically created for surfers!


Learn to deal with intense situations in the ocean with more ease! Hacks on how to stay calm and focused under pressure!


Survival Apnea is a dynamic and innovative education system that uses breathing and breath-holding (apnea) exercises as tools to develop self-awareness, self-control and forge body & mind resilience.

We will start with a theory lesson to then go through a combination of breathing exercises, breath-holding on dry and in the water and swimming pool training.

The surf survival apnea course takes approximately 5-6 hrs depending on the group size, usually divided in two half-days.

This course is not aimed for big waves surfers only. It’s actually very useful for every surfer who feels discomfort in the water and would like to learn how to deal with stressful situations in the ocean.

Survival Apnea is great not only for surfers, but for whoever is willing to improve breathing skills, increase lungs vitality and learn how to control difficult and challenging situations in daily life.