A lot of you would wonder who am I? Well, sometimes I do too! Where do we start?
Once upon a time, in a little town at the bottom of the Alps, during a heavy snowfall….No, I am kidding, I was born on the 11th of August 1988, during a pretty hot day, no snow and no elves, but yes in a little town of the Province of Turin. Alps are less than an hour driving from where I grow up, the Mediterranean Sea a couple of hours. Waves are not so consistent, but yes in Italy you can surf. Snowfalls are much more frequent (during winter only), so I have decided to grow up dreaming a career of snowboarder. I did it thought. After competing several years in Snowboard Cross (I do love adrenaline), becoming a Snowboard Instructors (and in the meantime even a Doctor in Law), I have decided to give a try to the beach life and, you know how it ends up: I am surf addicted and now I am snowboarding a couple of times per year.


Life data

Places where I have lived:


  • Italy (La Bella Vita – no place is like home)
  • Spain (Tapas and Rain – lived in the North for 2 years – the weather is quite cold but I love the crazy movida)
  • Portugal (my second home away from home – gipsy life, nice weather, cafezinhos and medronho)
  • Australia (Sharky Sharky – Too many rules – but nature..stunning!)
  • Panama (Reggaeton vibes day and night – lived on a remote beach: no supermarkets, just a truck of fruits and veggies stopping by twice a week)
  • Indonesia (living the dream, riding a scooter, surfing amazing wave, having a massage twice a week)

Languages Spoken:


  • Italian (mother language – sometimes I use words from my local dialect and other Italians do not understand me)
  • English (quite good – Italian accent doesn’t lie)
  • Spanish (pretty good – I can actually switch my Spanish based on the country of origin of the interlocutor Viste Che)
  • Portuguese (it’s ok – sometimes I speak Portinhol, using Spanish words when I am not sure)
  • Indonesian (basic knowledge – I can buy fruit and I managed to order a custom-made surf rack, which ended up pretty straight)
  • French (basic knowledge for daily conversation – I can do amazing snowboard lesson though)



  • When I eat salty popcorn, I get a hiccup
  • I have an incurable addiction for chapstick
  • I spent two months milking 220 cows twice a day with one more helper
  • My deepest dream is to learn how to whistle loud using two fingers
  • A “friend” of mine throw a glass of Nutella (full) in my face as a joke
  • I almost bleed out on a remote island in Indonesia after a surfing injury
  • Sometimes I overcook pasta
  • If I get angry, buy me an ice cream
  • I can assign to each person an animal based on their aspect, but don’t ask me which one is yours!
  • The softest thing I have ever touched is the belly of a frog


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