13-23 June 2021

Mentawai surf boat trip

mentawai | indonesia

Join us on a luxury all-inclusive boat trip to the Mentawai Islands.
9 days of world-class surfing & unforgettable times!

score the world most perfect waves!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and smell the perfume of tropical life. We are sailing between paradisiac islands, in the middle of the tropical Indonesian wilderness, surrounded by renown world-class waves and many other secret spots to discover!

Mentawai is the ultimate playground for all levels of surfers. Lefts, rights, hollow, mushy, long, short, every type of wave in a small chain of islands. Breaking over coral reef, the perfection surprises even the most experienced travellers. As it provides so much fun and progression, most people come back for more. The atmosphere of a boat trip with friends in such high-quality waves and a great boat is just priceless!


The majority of the spots are located around the islets south of Siberut, in an area called Playground. This is the easiest accessible area from Padang, can be a more corwded but the variety and quality of waves are excellent.


Push yourself to the central islands and get lost in paradise. Sipura is the main island of this region and home of legendary waves as Lance’s Left and HT, this last one the classic Mentawai right-hander barrel, mechanically perfect.


What you come here for is Macas, the only wave in the Mentawai with limited access to a certain amount of surfers. This area is still very pristine and not so developed. There are many uncrowded breaks to be discovered with our surf guides.

Are you ready to score?

The boat

Built in 2016 in Sulawesi, Maki is the newest high-end option in Mentawai charters.
A 105ft Phinisi Liveaboard, newly renovated for wave hunting purposes.

Maki is a beautiful blend of luxury and cosiness.

It has a huge air-conditioned living room with 2 dining tables and an open plan kitchen and TV. There’s an External Lounge to hang out and watch the surf, a sun deck with 8-day beds, and 5 cabins – 3 of them being en-suite.

Maki also has all the fun toys – SUP boards, spearfishing guns and, of course, auxiliary dinghy to reach the surf.

Food, drinks and barrels are all under our all-you-can-handle policy!

Boat Technical Specifications

105ft overall
24 m x 6 m deck
Draught: 2,7 m
Engine: Mitsubishi 6D22
Power Supply: 1 generator 40 Kva and 1 generator 30 Kva
Diesel solar tank: 5000 L
Water tanks: 6000 L
Lateral wings for improved stabilisation and reduced rocking

Maki Boat Amenities

  • A/C in every cabin + living room
  • Tender for 9 people 40 hp Yamaha
  • Secondary dinghy for 5 people
  • Huge deck lounge and table
  • 2 Fridges and 2 Freezers
  • Tasteful Tahitian style decoration
  • 2 sea kayaks, 1 stand up paddle
  • Powerful Bluetooth speakers
  • Complete medical kit
  • 8 Soo Santai sunbeds on the upper deck – Best sunset spot
  • Maki offers huge space all over the boat with 3 decks
  • Big indoor living room with 2 dining tables and an open plan kitchen
  • A total of 6 toilets and 6 showers (+ 2 outdoor showers) on board so no one ever has to wait around
  • Amazing kitchen with 5 burner stainless steel gas oven, blender + all cooking equipment
  • A super-deluxe cabin with 270 degrees ocean views, king-sized bed, private bathroom and a comfy couch
  • All cabins are air-conditioned featuring comfortable mattresses
  • A large shaded room dedicated to accommodating your boards, with direct access to the dinghy
  • Fishing gear, snorkelling gear and spearfishing gun
  • TV in the dining room so everyone gets to watch their waves of the day at dinner
  • Jet ski Yamaha Wave Runner 1100cc is available upon request at an extra cost.