13-23 June 2021

Mentawai surf boat trip

mentawai | indonesia

Join us on a luxury all-inclusive boat trip to the Mentawai Islands.
9 days of world-class surfing & unforgettable times!

score the world most perfect waves!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and smell the perfume of tropical life. We are sailing between paradisiac islands, in the middle of the tropical Indonesian wilderness, surrounded by renown world-class waves and many other secret spots to discover!

Mentawai is the ultimate playground for all levels of surfers. Lefts, rights, hollow, mushy, long, short, every type of wave in a small chain of islands. Breaking over coral reef, the perfection surprises even the most experienced travellers. As it provides so much fun and progression, most people come back for more. The atmosphere of a boat trip with friends in such high-quality waves and a great boat is just priceless!


The majority of the spots are located around the islets south of Siberut, in an area called Playground. This is the easiest accessible area from Padang, can be a more corwded but the variety and quality of waves are excellent.


Push yourself to the central islands and get lost in paradise. Sipura is the main island of this region and home of legendary waves as Lance’s Left and HT, this last one the classic Mentawai right-hander barrel, mechanically perfect.