Taiwan: a surfing well-kept secret

For all the adventurous surfers who are willing to push their limits a bit further, Taiwan is still a pristine waves heaven! 

Are you full?

Yes, I am full.

That’s the way Taiwanese people will ask you if you are doing well. They definitely like eating and I could see that when Oma, my indigenous friend and surf guide, ordered a portion of buffalo enough to fulfil an entire family with ten kids. We were just three thought, the food was delicious, we didn’t make it to the line up afterwards.

There are 14 aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. Oma comes from Amis. They do eat all the part of the animal and no kidding: on the table, there was not only the intestine but even the heart of the buffalo. Worth a try, not my favourite, but I am still trying to do what locals do, as I think I would like people to do the same in my country and not be fu