Panama: not only a fiscal paradise

Renown worldwide as a fiscal paradise, Panama has much more to offer than tax-free investments and money laundering.

From coffee plantations to unspoiled white beaches, from turquoise water to perfect barreling waves, the Country is pure beauty and diversity.

I lived in Panama for a while, working here and there, surfing a lot (as always) and exploring the country. I fell in love with the warmth of people, the way they talk and laugh, with the smell of the culantro early in the morning, when everyone prepares the typical soup sancocho to feed the whole family for the day, with looking for constellations in a sky untouched by light pollution, with scoring uncrowded barreling waves, with moving around on the back of a pick up, with the wilderness and an ecosystem full of biodiversity.

I would like to share with you my “must go” places, my favourites, the ones that I will a