The Ultimate Bali Adventure

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An unforgettable experience to discover the most gorgeous and authentic sides of the Island of Gods.

STep into the wonderful and unique culture of bali, island of gods.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and smell the perfume of tropical life. Nestled in the middle of Indonesia, Bali is its most famous island. Although being very popular and developed, the local Hindu culture is very strong and can be found at every corner. There are many hidden gems and we will bring you there!


You wake up with offerings at your doorstep and walk into colourful ceremonies every day. Temples are all around. They rise in the middle of the ocean, in the jungles, on lakes and dizzy cliffs! Some are very famous, other ones are attended by locals only and all of them are magnificent.


Outstanding rice terraces surround the central area of Ubud and spread until the UNESCO heritage site of Jatiluwih. Here you can get lost in the green observing the daily work of the Balinese farmers and walking in the paths that wind through the terraces. A bucolic environment to find mind-peace and relaxation.


The world capital of surfing, Bali counts with some of the best waves of the planet! The ocean is powerful and rough in the surfing beaches and calm and crystal clear in the other locations. The underwater world is gorgeous and alive. Swim with turtles and manta rays or enjoy a drink in paradise on one of the quiet whites beaches of the Gili Islands.


Rinse in the fresh waters of one of the many waterfalls of the island! Hidden in lush jungles and secret caves, they offer a beautiful escape from the busy daily life. We love to go there on the first morning light when the sun rays come out of the trees and give to the surrounding a sense of pure magic!


Get lost in one of the vibrant local markets or go to huge malls and outlet to find the best deals on world-famous brands! Bali is famous for its outstanding house-decors, wood carving,  and quality clothes fabrics. Don’t forget to bargain! Local people love it and you might be able to come out with the deals of a lifetime!


With a huge choice of delicious restaurants and cafes, Bali satisfies all tastes. Eat local or eat fancy: there is something for every choice. DJs from all over the globe come to Bali to perform in its latest club and festivals. The clubs’ locations are absolutely stunning and count on beach and clifftop parties like the ones you only see in movies!

Are you ready to head to Paradise?

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Surrounded by rice paddies and with long black volcanic beaches, Canggu is the place where the traditional culture meets the modern chic side of Bali. Home of the many digital nomad expats who moved here not many years ago, this area hosts all the trendiest restaurants, cafe and clubs. The famous temple of Tanah Lot, which rises from the water, is easily reachable from here.